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  • Firefly: A Brand New Verse (March 2021)
  • D&D Candlekeep Mysteries (March 2021)


Roll 20
Dates System Campaign DM Character Players (John, Joseph, Lori, MJB, and…)
8/22 S𝚊𝚝 D&D 5E Princes of the Apocalypse Joseph Audran Marid Jessica, Lucindy, Sara
8/21 F𝚛𝚒 D&D 5E The Yawning Portal John O. Gyrlaszthraen Vermonters
8/19 𝚆ed D&D 5E Silvesti (Next Generation) Eric S. Ardan of Sylvesti Silvesti
8/15 S𝚊𝚝 S.finder DeadSuns Campaign Mike S. Trent Castanaveras Jhohan, John, Wheels
8/14 F𝚛𝚒 D&D 5E Rise of Heroes / ToD John O. Galaeron Silverbow Jhohan, NoVa, Sara
8/09 — D&D 5E Saltmarsh Adventures John O.
8/09 — D&D 5E Adventures in Waterdeep John O.
2/21 F𝚛𝚒 Welcome to the Freakshow Mike B. QB Vermonters
Shadowrun (Fifth Edition)
Lee’s D&D (d20)
John’s Star Wars


See Dungeons & Dragons (5th Ed.)

Dragon’s Cave by Renault: Kwid Outsider
Date Time Title
2020-01-13 1:45 Dragon’s Cave (English dub)
2019-05-23 1:46 Dragon’s Cave (Portuguese)
2019-07-17 4:09 Dragon’s Cave, Making of
2019-06-19 0:29 • “The Mystery Revealed”
2019-06-19 0:23 • “The Beast Cage”
2019-06-24 0:22 • “What the Eyes Don’t See”
2019-06-25 0:23 • “A Safe Place”
2019-07-02 0:13 • “The Duel”
2019-07-02 0:24 • “The Journey To The Top”
2019-07-10 0:31 • “An Inexplicable Mystery”
2019-07-22 0:25 • “The Unanswered Question”
2015-11-26 35:54 • “Requiem” (unproduced finale)

Beck, Julie (2019-06-07) “Playing the Same Game of D&D for 30 Years” The Atlantic



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d20 Pf




Star Wars

Star Wars (d6 REUP)