The Yawning Portal

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The Yawning Portal is a Roll20 5th Ed. Faerûn campaign.


Dungeons & Dragons (5E) tabletop adventures:


7th level
Player Character Race Class Notes
William D. (Cyber) Celedam elf, wood druid
Lori R. Maerrielle dwarf ranger
Bill G. (Teddy) Calva half-elf sorcerer Favored Soul
James A. Tipplar dwarf War Priest of Tempus
Michael Bil. Varian elf, wood rogue
Michael Bur. Gyrlaszthraen half-drow Gloom Stalker Harper Faction Agent
Joseph O. Durdak dwarf gunner
Mary Bil. bard


Class Source archetype
Fighter XGE 28 Arcane Archer
Fighter PHB 73 Battle Master
Fighter XGE 30 Cavalier
Fighter PHB 72 Champion
Fighter PHB 74 Eldritch Knight
Fighter ᴜᴀFA Knight
Fighter ᴜᴀGH Monster Hunter
Fighter XGE 31 Samurai
Fighter ᴜᴀKO Scout
Fighter ᴜᴀFA Sharpshooter
Class Source Path
Barbarian XGE 9 Path of the Ancestral Guardian
Barbarian PHB -- Path of the Berserker
Barbarian PHB -- Path of the Totem Warrior
Barbarian XGE 11 Path of the Zealot
Barbarian XGE 10 Path of the Storm Herald
Class Source Oath
Paladin XGE 37 Oath of Conquest
Paladin PHB 85 Oath of Devotion
Paladin XGE 38 Oath of Redemption
Paladin PHB 86 Oath of the Ancients
Paladin PHB 87 Oath of Vengeance
Paladin ᴜᴀSO Oath of Treachery
Class Source subclass
Ranger PHB 93 Beast Master
Ranger XGE 41 Gloom Stalker
Ranger XGE 42 Horizon Walker
Ranger PHB 93 Hunter
Ranger XGE 43 Monster Slayer
Ranger ᴜᴀRR Primeval Guardian
Ranger ᴜᴀRO Spirit Path: Guardian
Ranger ᴜᴀRO Spirit Path: Seeker
Ranger ᴜᴀRO Spirit Path: Stalker
Ranger ᴜᴀMC with no spells
Class Source subclass
Sorcerer PHB 102 Draconic Bloodline
Sorcerer ᴜᴀMC Favored Soul
Sorcerer XGE 50 Divine Soul
Sorcerer ᴜᴀSO Phoenix Sorcery
Sorcerer ᴜᴀSO Sea Sorcery
Sorcerer XGE 50 Shadow Magic
Sorcerer ᴜᴀSO Stone Sorcery
Sorcerer XGE 51 Storm Sorcery
Sorcerer XGE 53 Warlock
Sorcerer PHB 103 Wild Magic
Class Source subclass
Warlock PHB 108 Archfey
Warlock XGE 56 Eldritch Invocations
Warlock ᴜᴀMM Ghost in the Machine
Warlock XGE 54 The Celestial
Warlock PHB 109 The Fiend
Warlock PHB 109 The Great Old One
Warlock XGE 55 The Hexblade
Warlock ᴜᴀWW The Raven Queen
Class Source School
Wizard ᴜᴀEb Artificer
Wizard PHB 116 Conjuration
Wizard PHB 116 Divination
Wizard PHB 117 Enchantment
Wizard PHB 117 Evocation
Wizard PHB 118 Illusion
Wizard ᴜᴀWW Lore Mastery
Wizard PHB 118 Necromancy
Wizard ᴜᴀMM Technomancy
Wizard PHB 115 The Abjuration
Wizard PHB 119 Transmutation
Wizard XGE 59 War Magic
Class Source Domain
Cleric ᴘsA - Ambition Domain
Cleric sᴄᴀɢ 125 Arcana Domain
Cleric ᴜᴀMM City Domain
Cleric DMG 96 Death Domain
Cleric XGE 18 Forge Domain
Cleric XGE 19 Grave Domain
Cleric PHB 59 Knowledge Domain
Cleric PHB 60 Life Domain
Cleric PHB 60 Light Domain
Cleric PHB 61 Nature Domain
Cleric ᴜᴀOD Order Domain
Cleric ᴜᴀDD Protection Domain
Cleric ᴘsA - Solidarity Domain
Cleric ᴘsA - Strength Domain
Cleric PHB 62 Tempest Domain
Cleric PHB 62 Trickery Domain
Cleric PHB 63 War Domain
Cleric ᴘsA - Zeal Domain
Class Source Circle
Druid XGE 22 Circle of Dreams
Druid PHB 68 Circle of the Land
Druid PHB 69 Circle of the Moon
Druid XGE 23 Circle of the Shepherd
Druid ᴜᴀDr Circle of Twilight
Class Source College
Bard XGE 14 College of Glamour
Bard PHB 54 College of Lore
Bard ᴜᴀKO College of Satire
Bard XGE 15 College of Swords
Bard PHB 55 College of Valor
Bard XGE 16 College of Whispers
Class Source Way
Monk PHB 80 Way of Shadow
Monk XGE 33 Way of the Drunken Master
Monk PHB 80 Way of the Four Elements
Monk XGE 34 Way of the Kensei
Monk PHB 79 Way of the Open Hand
Monk XGE 35 Way of the Sun Soul
Monk ᴜᴀMT Way of Tranquility
Class Source subclass
Rogue PHB 97 Arcane Trickster
Rogue PHB 97 Assassin
Rogue XGE 45 Inquisitive
Rogue XGE 46 Mastermind
Rogue XGE 47 Scout
Rogue XGE 47 Swashbuckler
Rogue PHB 97 Thief