Galaeron Silverbow

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Galaeron Silverbow, male Or’Tel’Quessir War Priest of Solonor Thelandira, and Harper faction agent.

Level Power Benefit
1st War Priest Extra attack as a bonus action 3 times per long rest.
2nd CD: Guided Strike Reaction (when you make an attack roll) +10 bonus to roll. Choose after seeing roll, but before the DM says it’s a hit or miss.
6th CD: Solonor’s Blessing Reaction (when subject within 30′ makes attack) +10 bonus to roll. Choose after seeing roll, but before the DM says it’s a hit or miss.
8th Divine Strike gain ability to infuse weapon strikes with divine energy. Once/turn when you hit with a weapon attack, you can deal +1d8 weapon damage to target. (+2d8 at 14th level)
17th Avatar of Battle gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons.
Name L T D R Notes S
guidance 0 1ᴀ © T. PHB
hand of radiance 0 1ᴀ 5′ targets: Con. save or 1d6 rad. dam. (+1d6 @ 5th, 11th & 17th) UAss
light 0 1ᴀ T. 20′ radius PHB
mending 0 1ᴍ T. PHB
resistance 0 1ᴀ © T. PHB
sacred flame 0 1ᴀ 60′ target: Dex. save (no cover) or 1d8 rad. dam. (+1d8 @ 5th, 11th & 17th) PHB
spare the dying 0 1ᴀ T. PHB
thaumaturgy 0 1ᴀ 1ᴍ 30′ PHB
toll the dead 0 1ᴀ 60′ XGE
virtue 0 1ᴀ T. subject gains 3+1d4 temp. hp UAss
word of radiance 0 1ᴀ 5′ target(s): Con. save or 1d6 rad. dam. (+1d6 @ 5th, 11th & 17th) XGE
bane 1 1ᴀ © 30′ PHB
bless 1 1ᴀ © 30′ PHB
1 T. XGE
command 1+ 1ᴀ 60′ target: Wis. save or obey one-word command. PHB
create or destroy water 1 1ᴀ 30′ PHB
cure wounds 1+ 1ᴀ T. subject heals 3+1d8/SL hp PHB
detect evil & good 1 1ᴀ © S. 30′ radius PHB
detect magic
1 1ᴀ © S. 30′ radius PHB
detect poison & disease 1 1ᴀ © S. 30′ radius PHB
divine favor 1 Bᴀ © S. melee attack: +1d4 rad. dam. for up to 1 min. PHB
guiding bolt 1+ 1ᴀ 120′ spell attack: 3d6+1d6/SL rad. dam. & adv. on next attack vs. target. PHB
guiding hand 1 1ᴍ © 5′ tiny incorporeal glowing hand guides toward goal for 8 hours. UAss
healing word 1+ Bᴀ 60′ subject heals 3+1d4/SL hp PHB
inflict wounds 1+ 1ᴀ T. spell attack: 2d10+1d10/SL necrotic dam. PHB
protection from evil 1 1ᴀ © T. subject gains protection for up to 10 min. PHB
purify food & drink
1 1ᴀ 10′ PHB
sanctuary 1 Bᴀ 1ᴍ 30′ subject’s attackers must make a Wis. save to attack. PHB
shield of faith 1 Bᴀ © 60′ subject gains +2 AC for up to 10 min. PHB
aid 2 1ᴀ 30′ 3 targets get +5 hp PHB
2 1ᴍ S. get an omen from god PHB
blindness/deafness 2 1ᴀ 1ᴍ 30′ target make Con save to stop PHB
calm emotions 2 1ᴀ © 60′ suppress charm or fright PHB
continual flame 2 1ᴀ T. bright as a torch PHB
enhance ability 2 1ᴀ © T. target gets adv. on checks PHB
find traps 2 1ᴀ 120′ PHB
gentle repose
2 1ᴀ 10ᴅ T. PHB
hold person 2 1ᴀ © 60′ PHB
lesser restoration 2 1ᴀ T. PHB
locate object 2 1ᴀ © S. PHB
magic weapon 2 Bᴀ © T. +1 weapon for 1 hour PHB
prayer of healing 2+ 10ᴍ 30′ subjects heal 3+1d8/SL hp PHB
protection from poison 2 1ᴀ T. PHB
2 1ᴀ © 120′ PHB
spiritual weapon 2+ Bᴀ 1ᴍ 60′ spell attack (Bᴀ): spectral weap. does 3+1d8/SL force dam. PHB
warding bond 2 1ᴀ T. PHB
zone of truth 2 1ᴀ 10ᴍ 60′ PHB