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5E Advancement
XP Lev. Prof. Feats
1 +2 – †
300 2 +2 – †
900 3 +2 – †
2,700 4 +2 1 †
6,500 5 +3 1 †
14,000 6 +3 1 †
23,000 7 +3 1 †
34,000 8 +3 2 †
48,000 9 +4 2 †
64,000 10 +4 2 †
85,000 11 +4 2 †
100,000 12 +4 3 †
120,000 13 +5 3 †
140,000 14 +5 3 †
165,000 15 +5 3 †
195,000 16 +5 4 †
225,000 17 +6 4 †
265,000 18 +6 4 †
305,000 19 +6 5 †
355,000 20 +6 5 †
+1 in some games.
5E Point Buy
Score Cost
15 9
14 7
13 5
12 4
11 3
10 2
9 1
8 0

Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition)

  • Sage Advice Compendium v2.6 (2020-11-10)
  • General errata:
    • Player’s Handbook (2014 Aug.) v2.0.2
    • Monster Manual (2014 Sep.) v2.0
    • Dungeon Master’s Guide (2014 Dec.) v2.0
    • Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (2015 Nov.) v2.1
    • Volo’s Guide to Monsters (2016 Nov.) v2.0
    • Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (2017 Nov.) v1.0
    • Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes (2018 May) v1.0
    • Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (2018 Nov.)
    • Eberron: Rising from the Last War (2019 Nov.) v2.0
    • Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount (2020 Mar.)
    • Mythic Odysseys of Theros (2020 July)
    • Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (2020 Nov.)
  • Adventure errata:
    • Hoard of the Dragon Queen (2014 Aug.) v1.0
    • the Rise of Tiamat (2014 Nov.)
    • Princes of the Apocalypse (2015 Apr.) v1.5
    • Out of the Abyss (2015 Sep.) v1.1
    • Curse of Strahd (2016 Mar.) v1.0
    • Storm King’s Thunder (2016 Sep.) v1.0
    • Tales from the Yawning Portal (2017 Apr.)
    • Tomb of Annihilation (2017 Sep.) v1.0
    • Wd: Dragon Heist (2018 Nov.)
    • Wd: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (2018 Nov.)
    • Ghosts of Saltmarsh (2019 May) v1.0
    • Icewind Dale (2020 Sep.)

d20 Modern (5E)

Roll20 icons

Noticing other creatures

Dungeon Master’s Guide, p.243

While exploring, characters might encounter other creatures. An important question in such a situation is who notices whom.

Indoors, whether the sides can see one another usually depends on the configuration of rooms and passageways. Vision might also be limited by light sources. Outdoor visibility can be hampered by terrain, weather, and time of day. Creatures can be more likely to hear one another before they see anything.

If neither side is being stealthy, creatures automatically notice each other once they are within sight or hearing range of one another. Otherwise, compare the Dexterity (Stealth) check results of the creatures in the group that is hiding with the passive Wisdom (Perception) scores of the other group, as explained in the Player’s Handbook.


Player’s Handbook, p.189

A band of adventurers sneaks up on a bandit camp, springing from the trees to attack them. A gelatinous cube glides down a dungeon passage, unnoticed by the adventurers until the cube engulfs one of them. In these situations, one side of the battle gains surprise over the other.

The DM determines who might be surprised. If neither side tries to be stealthy, they automatically notice each other. Otherwise, the DM compares the Dexterity (Stealth) checks of anyone hiding with the passive Wisdom (Perception) score of each creature on the opposing side. Any character or monster that doesn’t notice a threat is surprised at the start of the encounter.

If you’re surprised, you can’t move or take an action on your first turn of the combat, and you can’t take a reaction until that turn ends. A member of a group can be surprised even if the other members aren’t.

Combat step by step
  1. Determine surprise. The DM determines whether anyone involved in the combat encounter is surprised.
  2. Establish positions. The DM decides where all the characters and monsters are located. Given the adventurers’ marching order or their stated positions in the room or other location, the DM figures out where the adversaries are—how far away and in what direction.
  3. Roll initiative. Everyone involved in the combat encounter rolls initiative, determining the order of combatants’ turns.
  4. Take turns. Each participant in the battle takes a turn in initiative order.
  5. Begin the next round. When everyone involved in the combat has had a turn, the round ends. Repeat step 4 until the fighting stops.



Saltmarsh in Faerûn


No map has all of these, but they are all official.

  • The Long Road (see Dessarin Valley map)
    • Xantharl's Keep (where the Crags meet Lurewood)
    • Morgur’s Mound (in the souther end of "The Crags" which are west of the Road and north of Neverwinter Wood) – an Uthgardt burial mound of the Thunderbeast tribe.
    • River Morgur (flows south from near Morgur’s Mound into Neverwinter River)
    • Longsaddle (town? on the Long Road, due east of Mount Hotenow)
    • Tower of Twilight – a days ride west of Longsaddle.
    • Berun’s Hill (in the Starmetal Hills)
    • Berun’s River (flows west from near Berun’s Hill into Neverwinter River)
    • Triboar (village) – Road east to Yartar (city), "Triboar Trail" west to Conyberry (village).
    • Black Maw Bog (west of the Dessarin Hills, crossed by a bridge)
    • Helvenblade House (west of the Road where the Sword Mts. meet Kryptgarden Forest)
    • Westbridge (village east of Kryptgarden Forest) – "The Stone Trail" east to "The Stone Bridge".
    • Sumber Hills (east of The Long Road) – many adventure sites (see Dessarin Valley map).
    • Red Larch (village) – "Kheldell Path" west to Kheldell (village), "Larch Path" trail northeast to "The Stone Bridge", "Cairn Road" trail southeast to "Bargewrite Inn" (village) and then Womford (village) across the "Ironford".
    • Amphail (village) – (Goldenfields is due east on the River Dessarin).
    • Rassalantar (hamlet)
    • Waterdeep
  • Triboar Trail (see Swoard Coast maps)
    • Butterskull Ranch (large farm just north of the trail, and ~5 miles east of Conyberry (village).
    • Cornyberry (village)
    • Phandalin (village) – south of the Triboar trail.
    • Crossroad Keep (c. 1374, at the intersection of the High Road and Triboar Trail)
    • Highcliff (c. 1374, village west of Phandalin, on the coast at the western end of Triboar Trail.)
      • Highcliff Castle (ruins)
  • The North Road
    • Luskan
    • Port Llast (town) – ~35 miles noth of Neverwinter, at the North Road and "East Road" trail intersection.
    • Neverwinter
  • The High Road
    • Neverwinter
    • Thundertree (town?) – ~25 miles east of Neverwinter on the Neverwinter River.
    • Helm’s Hold (town?) – ~20 miles southwest of Neverwinter, with a trail to The High Road.
    • Midway Keep – halfway between Neverwinter and Crossroad Keep. Both keeps have a unique circular design, more like very squat towers than forts, and the road passes directly through them.Markustay
    • Crossroad Keep (c. 1374, at the intersection of the High Road and Triboar Trail)
    • Leilon (on the Road at the northern end of the Mere of Dead Men) – Destroyed in 1385, rebuilt c. 1485 (between 4E & 5E) with allegiance to Neverwinter.
      • Saltmarsh (village on the coast at the northern end of the Mere of Dead Men)
    • Mere of Dead Men
      • Castle Naerytar (flooded ruins halfway between coast and Road, see Dungeon #72)
      • Carnath Roadhouse (on eastern edge of the Mere, ~15 miles from Castle Naerytar)
      • Holk House (flooded ruins 1/3 of the way to the coast from Road, see Dungeon #71)
      • Iniarv’s Tower (ruins on eastern edge of the Mere, see Dungeon #69 & #73)
      • Dead Man’s Pass (from south of Iniarv’s Tower to the Kheldell Path [¹⁄₄ of the way from Kheldell to Red Larch])(ULA-12)
      • Uthtower (flooded ruins on the coast, almost 60 miles due west of Iniarv's Tower, see Dungeon #73)
      • Mornhaven Towers (flooded ruins near the coast, see Dungeon #70)
      • Wolfhill House (flooded ruins halfway between coast and Road, see Dungeon #69)
      • Fort Locke (c. 1374, garrison at the southern end of the Mere, north of West Harbor)
      • Weeping Willow Inn (c. 1374, near the High Road, between West Harbour and Forte Locke)
      • West Harbor (c. 1374, village on the coast inside the southern end of the Mere, and near the Illefarn ruins)
    • Thornhold (at the southern end of the Mere)
    • Mount Sar (peak east of the road)
    • Mount Helimbrar (peak east of the road)
    • Waterdeep
  • Goldenfields (Abby with walled farmland, on the west bank of the River Dessarin, due east of Amphail, south of Ironford, and north of "The Stump Bog" & the Sarcrag) – The Northfurrow trail goes south to Waterdeep.
  • Sharandar – ancient elven keep lost within Neverwinter Wood near village of Conyberry.
  • Edals Creek –
  • Xinlenal –
  • Dread Ring –

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I Date Item
2013-08-15 Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle (D&D Next)
2013-08-20 Murder in Baldur’s Gate Sundering I (D&D Next)
2014-07-09 Legacy of the Crystal Shard Sundering II (D&D Next)
? 2014-07-15 Starter Set • “Lost Mine of Phandelver”
Va 2014-08-19 Core booksPHBDMGMM
2014-08-19 DM’s Screen, Tyranny of Dragons (GF9)
2014-08-19 TD Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Kobold Press)
2014-11-04 TD the Rise of Tiamat (Adv., Kobold Press)
2015-01-20 DM’s Screen(core)
Va 2015-04-07 DM’s Screen, Elemental Evil (GF9)
? 2015-04-07 EE Princes of the Apocalypse (Sasquatch)
2015-04-16 EE Player’s Companion
2015-04 Character Token Set (GF9)
2015-06 BS New d20 Modernᴜᴀ Modern Magic
2015-09-15 DM’s Screen, Rage of Demons (GF9)
? 2015-09-15 RD Out of the Abyss (Green Ronin)
? 2015-11-03 Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (setting) (R)
2016-04 Plane Shift: Zendikar (MtG)
? 2016-03-15 Curse of Strahd <Adv.) (R)
2016-03-15 DM’s Screen, Curse of Strahd (GF9)
2016-04-01 Tarokka Deck, Curse of Strahd (GF9)
2016-08 Plane Shift: Innistrad (MtG)
2016-09-06 Storm King’s Thunder
2016-09-06 DM’s Screen, Storm King’s Thunder (GF9)
Va 2016-11-15 Volo’s Guide to Monsters (LE)
2017-02 Plane Shift: Kaladesh (MtG)
? 2017-04-04 Tales from the Yawning Portal (Adv. omnibus)
2017-04 UA Starter Spells
2017-07 Plane Shift: Amonkhet (MtG)
2017-06-20 Character Sheets
2017-09-15 Tortle Package (Supplement, Extra Life)
? 2017-09-19 Tomb of Annihilation (Adv., L1–11) (R)
2017-09-19 DM’s Screen, Tomb of Annihilation (GF9)
2017-09-19 Map Set, Tomb of Annihilation (GF9)
  2017-09-19 DM’s Screen Reincarnated
2017-10-24 D&D Adventure Grid (Accessory)
  2017-11-21 Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (LE)
Va 2017-11-21 Xanathar’s Guide to Everything
2018-01-23 Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated (Accessory)
Va 2018-05-18 Into the Borderlands (Reincarnated #1, Goodman Games)
Va 2018-05-29 Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes (LE)
2018-07 Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberronᴜᴀ Races of Eberron
2018-08-21 D&D Adventures Outlined
? 2018-09-18 WD Dragon Heist
2018-11-10 Lost Laboratory of Kwalish (Adv., Extra Life)
? 2018-11-20 Core Rules Gift Set (LE)
2018-10 Art & Arcana (Special Edition Boxed Set)
? 2018-11-20 Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica
2018-11-20 GGR Maps and MiscellanyGGR Dice
? 2018-11-20 WD Dungeon of the Mad Mage (R)
2018-11-20 WD City of the Dead Statues & Monuments $50
2019-02-19 D&D Tactical Maps Reincarnated (D&D Accessory)
2019-05-01 Stranger Things D&D Starter Set (Boxed set)
Va 2019-05-21 Ghosts of Saltmarsh (Adv., L1–12) (LE)
? 2019-06-18 Acquisitions Incorporated (D&D Supplement)
2019-09-03 D&D Essentials Kit (D&D Accessory)
Va 2019-09-17 Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus (Adv., L1–13) (LE)
2019-09-17 Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus (Dice & Miscellany)
2019-09-17 Battle for Baldur’s Gate (Dungeon Mayhem Expansion)
2019-09-19 Locathah Rising (Adv., Extra Life, level 9)
Va 2019-10-22 Tyranny of Dragons (Adv. omnibus) (LE)
2019-11-01 Beadle and Grimm’s Platinum Edition (Adv., Waterdeep Acc.)
2019-11-12 Adventure with Muk (Extra Life Activity Book)
2019-11-12 Infernal Machine Rebuild (Adv., Extra Life, L5–10)
2019-11-19 D&D vs. Rick and Morty (Adv.)
Va 2019-11-19 Eberron: Rising from the Last War (setting) (LE)
2019-12-12 D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set (Dice Collector’s LE)
2020-02-14 Monster Madness (Dungeon Mayhem Expansion)
  2020-03-17 Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount (Critical Role setting)
  2020-07-21 Theros, Mythic Odysseys of (LE)
  2020-09-15 Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (LE)


: 2016-11 Tome of Beasts (Kobold Press)
: 2017-09 OAR-1 Into the BorderlandsFEF-14 Beneath the Keep (Goodman Games)
Vt: GF9-72720 Dungeon Master’s Keep: Ultimate DM’s Screen (2011)GS
: WZK _____ D&D Dungeon of the Mad Mage: Halaster’s Lab premium set
: GF9-73706 D&D Tarokka Deck9
: GF9- D&D DM Screen: Waterdeep Dragon Heist
: GF9- D&D DM Screen: Of Ships and the Sea
: WZK-73952 D&D Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition

5E cards

SKU Item
? GF9-73915 Spellbook Cards: Arcane (v3)
Va GF9-73916 Spellbook Cards: Cleric (v3)
Va GF9-73917 Spellbook Cards: Druid (v3)
Va GF9-73918 Spellbook Cards: Bard (v3)
Va GF9-73919 Spellbook Cards: Paladin (v3)
Va GF9-73920 Spellbook Cards: Ranger (v3)
Va GF9-73921 Spellbook Cards: Martial Powers & Races (v3)
  GF9-73922 Spellbook Cards: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (v1)
NY GF9-73923 Monster Cards: Challenge 0–5
NY GF9-73924 Monster Cards: Challenge 6–16
GF9-73925 Magic Item Cards
  GF9-C7227 Monster Cards: Volo’s Guide to Monsters
  GF9-C7228 Monster Cards: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes
GF9-C7641 Creatures & NPCs Cards (MM & VGtM)
  GF9-C7342 Epic Monster Cards (oversized)
GF9-C____ Legendary Item Cards
  GF9-C____ Legendary Monster Cards (oversized)

Vinyl maps

© SKU Item
2012 GF9-99912 Dungeon w/Grid (gray 30×40 grid, vinyl, 20″×30″)NK
2011 GF9-72750 Dungeon Master’s set (gray/green, vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2010 GF9-72751 Ratfang Sewers (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9
2010 GF9-72752 The King’s Road (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
2010 GF9-72753 Market Square (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9
2010 GF9-72754 Jungle Temple (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2010 GF9-72755 Caves of Chaos (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
  2010 GF9-72756 Inn of the Welcome Wench (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
2010 GF9-72757 Dark Sun Desert (vinyl, 30″×20″)G
  2011 GF9-72758 Merchant’s Bazaar (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9S
2012 GF9-72759 Abandoned Hamlet (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2011 GF9-72760 Red Hall of Vor Rukoth (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9S
? 2011 GF9-72761 Forgotten Realms (4th Ed. Faerûn, vinyl, 42″×30″)GS
Va 2012 GF9-72762 Neverwinter (city, vinyl, 42″×30″)G
Va 2012 GF9-72763 Evernight (city, vinyl, 42″×30″)G
GF9-72764 ______ (vinyl)
Va 2011 GF9-72765 Khorvaire, the Continent of (vinyl, 42″×30″)G
GF9-72766 ______ (vinyl)
2010 GF9-72767 Dark Sun (world, vinyl, 42″×30″)G
Va 2010 GF9-72768 City of Tyr (vinyl, 42″×30″)G
GF9-72769 ______ (vinyl)
2011 GF9-72770 Sanctuary of Fate (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2011 GF9-72771 Evermelt (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2012 GF9-72772 Frozen Wilderness (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
GF9-72773 Desert of Desolation (vinyl)
GF9-72774 Fallen Fortress (vinyl)
GF9-72775 King’s Gate (vinyl)
GF9-72776 Thieves’ Quarters (vinyl)
GF9-72777 Temple of Fire (vinyl)
2013 GF9-72778 Fungal Cavern (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
2012 GF9-72779 Drow Sanctum (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2012 GF9-72780 Temple of Lolth (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2012 GF9-72801 Caverns of the Underdark (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9S
2012 GF9-72802 Caverns of the Underdark: 3D Adventure Set
2013 GF9-72782 Draconic Monastery (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
2017 GF9-72783 Tomb of Annihilation set (vinyl, 18″×24″, 12″×16″ ×3)G9F
GF9-72784 Elemental Node of Fire (vinyl)
GF9-72785 Elemental Node of Earth (vinyl)
GF9-72786 Elemental Node of Water (vinyl)
GF9-72787 Elemental Node of Air (vinyl)
? 2018 GF9-72788 Waterdeep set (seven wards, vinyl)GFMMP
GF9-72789 Dungeon of the Mad Mage set (vinyl)
  2018 GF9-72790 Waterdeep (city, vinyl, 20″×40″)GFAMMPNK
  2019 GF9-72791 Faerûn (Sword Coast, vinyl, 32″×27″)GFAMMNK
? 2020 GF9-72792 Descent into Avernus: Baldur’s Gate (vinyl, 23″×15″)MMPHD
2020 GF9-72793 Descent into Avernus: Avernus (vinyl, 23″×17″)MMPHD

Character Folios

I SKU D UPC ID web ID № Title N
Va #86512 2015 0-74427-86512-2 ᴜᴘ3668 AW5084 D&D “Demogorgon”
Va #85276 2017 0-74427-85276-4 ᴜᴘ5043 AW7708 D&D “Giant Killer” (AC)
Va #85277 2017 0-74427-85277-1 ᴜᴘ5045 AW7709 D&D “Tavern Brawl” (RS)
#85278 2017 0-74427-85278-8 ᴜᴘ5047 AW7710 D&D “Drow Attack” (OoP)
Va #85279 2017 0-74427-85279-5 ᴜᴘ5049 AW7711 D&D “Dungeon Crawl” 🛈 (JO)
Va #85305 2017 0-74427-85305-1 ᴜᴘ5051 AW7779 D&D “Wizard” (JS)
#86715 2017 0-74427-86715-7 ᴜᴘ5673 AW–––– D&D “Drizzt”
Va #86716 2017 0-74427-86716-4 ᴜᴘ5676 AW9035 D&D “Papazotl’s Tomb” 🛈 (MB)
#86717 2018 0-74427-86717-1 ᴜᴘ5677 AW–––– D&D “Tomb of Annihilation” 🛈
Va #85835 2018 0-74427-85835-3 ᴜᴘ7109 AW10517 Pathfinder Playtest 🛈
Va #18037 2018 0-74427-18037-9 ᴜᴘ7673 AW11402 D&D “Mad Mage” 🛈
Va #18038 2018 0-74427-18038-6 ᴜᴘ7689 AW11404 D&D “Shadow Dragon” 🛈 (MB)
#85957 2019 0-74427-85957-2 ᴜᴘ7984 AW––––– Starfinder 🛈
  #15292 2019 0-74427-15292-5 ᴜᴘ8623 AW––––– Pathfinder Second Edition 🛈


Edition Published DR Cosmology Sourcebook
AD&D 1987 July 1357 Great Wheel FR Campaign Set
Grey box
2nd Ed. 1990 Mar. 1358 Time of Troubles FR Adventures
  1993, 1996 1367   FR Campaign Setting
D&D 3rd 2001 Jun. 1372 World Tree FR Campaign Setting
v.3.5 2004 Mar. 1373   Player’s Guide to Faerûn
D&D 4th 2008 Jun. ’85–’95 Spellplague Player’s Handbook
(4th ed.)
  2008 Aug. 1479 World Axis FR Campaign Guide
  2008 Sep.   FR Player’s Guide
D&D 5th 2014 Aug. ’82–’87 Second Sundering Player’s Handbook
(5th ed.)
  2015 Nov. 1489 Great Wheel SC Adventurer’s Guide
Official Timeline
  • 1451 ᴅʀ – Eruption of Mount Hotenow near Neverwinter
  • 1479 ᴅʀ – All of 4th Edition
  • 1482 ᴅʀ – Murder in Baldur’s Gate (Next)
  • 1485 ᴅʀ – Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle (Next)
  • 1486 ᴅʀ – Out of the Abyss (5E)
  • 1487 ᴅʀ – Confrontation at Candlekeep (Next)
  • 1489 ᴅʀ – Hoard of the Dragon QueenRise of Tiamat (5E)
  • 1489 ᴅʀ – Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
  • 1490 ᴅʀStorm King’s Thunder
  • 1491 ᴅʀLost Mine of Phandelver
  • 1491 ᴅʀ – Princes of the Apocalypse
  • 1491 ᴅʀCurse of Strahd
  • 1491 ᴅʀTomb of Annihilation
  • 1492 ᴅʀ – Waterdeep: Dragon HeistDungeon of the Mad Mage
  • 1492 ᴅʀ – Dragons of Icespire Peak
  • 1494 ᴅʀDescent Into Avernus
  • 1496 ᴅʀAcquisitions Incorporated


Oeridian hero-god of defenses and fortifications.
Oerth goddess of forests, woodlands, flora, fauna, and fertility. Known to elves as “Ehlenestra”. Analogous to the Faerûnian and Finnish Mielikki
Oerth hero-god of bards and musicians.
an elder evil aka the Dark Hunger.


— ☾
Aganazzar – from Faerûn
Elminster ☾ – from Faerûn (Ed Greenwood)
Maximilian – otherwise unknown.
Snilloc – from Faerûn (Dave Collins, from Jeff Grubb’s pre-FR Toril)


last planer layer of Tarterus.
a city turned into a demiplane of undead by Orcus.
a town large enough to support a cathedral.
a village large enough to support a regional marketplace.
a community large enough to support a church.
King	Emperor	Emperor	Empire	
	King	King	Kingdom	
	Prince	Prince	Principality	
Earl	Duke	Duke	Duchy	
		Marquis	Border County	Sheriff
	Count	Count	Shire/County	
Baron	Baron	Baron	Barony		Bailiff
	Knight	Baronet		
	cathedral	City	
	fortified	Borough	
	market		Town		Constable
	church		Village	


6-seconds of time during combat.
a combatants turn to act during a round of combat.


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