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Opening crawl

In the wake of the discovery of the Metatheran Cartel’s base of operations in the jungles of Cularin, and the removal of the nearby pirates, things began looking up. The Cartel embraced the community, offering promises of peace and support. And for the most part, the community returned the embrace. For a few days, everything seemed fine, but then things began to change yet again.

It began slowly, one or two people disappearing, leaving for work in the morning and not coming home that night, or the next, and then the problem spread to entire work teams. Something is clearly wrong, and in a week that's already seen more strangeness than most years on Cularin, the people are getting uneasy.

And for the Cartel, it’s business as usual…


  • E1-6RA

Notable missing persons

Kris Wahl
Human gambler and noted lady’s man, Wahl was born on Cularin into a wealthy family and has never worked a day in his life.
Gerta Haman
Outspoken human activist, frequently involved in fierce debates about the importance of allowing the Tarasin to retain their culture on Cularin. Spent her days as inventory manager at Jax Warehouse.
Shayne Gerarre
Cerean head of R&D at Spirited Spirits, creator of the famed Double-Dip Outer Rim Rumdrop.
Broof Yurdel
Gungan shift supervisor, midnight shift for Gungan security, veteran of famed Battle of Naboo.
Wookiee preservation specialist and dietary consultant employed part time by the Dry Goods Emporium for his expertise in all things food.
Trandoshan head of security for House Hirskaala.

Effected Businesses

Mysterious note

Reidi Artom, Sixth System
Hiironi ?????