Tyranny of Dragons

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Tyranny of Dragons is a Roll20 Faerûn campaign.


Dungeons & Dragons (5E) tabletop adventures:

  • Hoard of the Dragon Queen (current)
  • The Rise of Tiamat (TBD)


Player Character Race Class Notes
Duke, P. Rycerz human
Jhohan A. Anndy halfling
Joseph O. Mereak Brawnanvil dwarf, mtn.
Lee Stew. Danalon half-orc
Lori R. Dralgora Hammerstriker dwarf, mtn.
Michael B. Galaeron Silverbow elf, wood War Priest of Solonor Thelandira Harper Faction Agent
Michael S. Reyleck human


de “of”
el “the” (masculine singular)
la “the” (feminine singular)
las “the” (feminine plural)
los “the” (masculine plural)
h. “son of”
y “and”
-ez “the son of” (trad.), or var.-es