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Lythari-Aasimar Paladin of Selûne (Oath of Moonlight).

My mother is the Shard of Selûne known as Marîd, and my father was a Lythari member of the Silver Path.

The church of Selûne was associated with a number of religious orders:

  • Swords of the Lady – A fanatical order, nicknamed the Lunatics.
  • Moon Knights – a highly militant order of soldier-priests.
  • Guardians of Light – a knightly order of devoted paladins.
  • Silver Path – A group of devoted rangers.
  • Oracles of the Moon – Female diviners.
  • Silver Ladies – Female healers, diviners, and protectors of women and lycanthropes.
  • Brotherhood of the Moon
  • Fangshields
  • Fellowship of the Purple Staff
  • Knights of the Crescent Moon
  • Shards — my mother/patron is Marîd.
  • Sun Soul – A monastic order dedicated to Selûne, Sune & Lathander.
  • White Pack

Tymora CG Faerûnian ♀ good fortune Trickery Face-up coin

Valkur CG Faerûnian ♂ sailors (northlander) War, Tempest A cloud and three lightning bolts

  • John's character is a cleric