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SRM 4-02 Extraction

Horizon has some of the best and brightest college grads working for it in every field of study. Arcanoarcheology is a new field, and Horizon has just hired on one of the most promising minds to ever graduate from MIT&T. Both the Draco and Atlantean Foundations want this student working for them, and they’re both willing to pay big to get what they want.
Parker Acson -- Thaljun Codex -- Parker intends to use the runners to broker his defection to either the Atlantean or Draco Foundation.

Dover was born in Seattle, and had a relatively unremarkable childhood. His precocious curiosity and inquisitiveness ran afoul of his Dad's lawyerly gravitas. In his early teen years, Dover was summarily shipped out to military school. In military school, he worked hard and played hard. He developed a devotation to the martial art of Arnis, as well as the rigors and satisfactions of mountain climbing. He also learned enough matrix manipulation and decking to give the administration nightmares for years.

After completing military school, Dover continued to study the foundations of magic at the local community college - he was uncertain enough of his own intentions to commit to the Ivy his father desired, or to immediately pursue a military career. He funded his studies through a ROTC-style program (much to his father's chagrin). Dover also avidly pursued his extracurricular interests in martial arts, rock climbing, and hacking. After consuming everything his local community college had to off him, he (re)entered the military.

Entering the UCAS military, Dover joined the 22nd Astral Ranger Corps. Although his magical gifts were not the match of the others in his unit, his physical and matrix talents provided important balance to the unit. The outbreak of the Denver civil disruptions coincided with the end of his first tour, and Dover re- upped, but accepted an assignment with a covert SpecOps unit that operated broadly across areas from the UCAS border in the midwest well into the NAN territories surrounding Denver.

After closing out his military service, Dover took advantage of a GI Bill style program to continue his studies into magical history. He threw himself into a doctoral program, and attained significant expertise in his area. Unfortunately, his advisor (and mentor) screwed up - he involved himself in a radical political organization, and started a profoundly stupid series of events. Dover intervened, saving Dr. Meyer. Unfortunately Dover wound up holding the bag—in an academic violation sort of sense.

Dover now finds himself in the awkward position of being ostracized and rejected by the academic community and his family. Dr. Meyer can't clear Dover without implicating himself (and obviating the good work Dover has done). Instead, Dr. Meyer has connected Dover with some archeo-arcanum "research and retrieval" operations that can make good use of his mix of skills.

There are several parties after Parker Acson, each with different goals. There are scenes for meets with the Atlantean and Draco Foundations as well as scenes for delivering Parker. However, this Mission is designed to be free form after the runners acquire Parker. Here are the five important players and their objectives:

  • Horizon — A crack response and retrieval team is pounding the pavement looking for the runners and their extractee. Publicly, they trail Knight Errant forces. On Horizon extraterritorial property, they unleash full lethality. They also go in strong when out of public sight, as would be the case when they raid a safehouse. They want Parker back badly, but if they learn he stole from them, they will turn purely offensive and try to kill him and the runners.
  • Atlantean Foundation — Laurent Nazaire - Their representative in this mission is Laurent Nazaire. Although hesitant and wary, he will want both the stolen book and the arcanoarcheologist. He will not pay the most but can be earned as contact.
  • Draco Foundation — Moreau - A former company man and shadowrunner known as Moreau is the point man for the Draco Foundation. He is not amused by the Horizon new hire’s antics and is weary of inter-corporate bullshit like this. He’ll pay well for the book and perhaps Parker Acson’s entire head, but the rest goes back to Horizon.
  • The Eastern Great Dragon Lung — Lin Yao Chang - Represented by his assassin Lin Yao Chang, Lung is curious to discover what is at play between these magical research organizations. Lin Yao is there to find out and dampen the situation by killing the arcanoarcheologist. If he finds out what the arcanoarcheologist stole, Lin Yao steals his headware in addition to killing him.
  • Saeder-Krupp — Simon Andrews - The great dragon Lofwyr’s agent Simon Andrews will learn of Parker Acson’s theft and try to get his hands on the arcanoarcheologist. Andrews will attempt to have his hacker download the book data before hanging Parker out to dry and messaging Horizon with his whereabouts.

SRM 4-01 Hiding in the Dark

The runners are hired to find a ruthless mob boss named Junior. But, when they discover he’s also a well-liked businessman in the Ork Underground, and that he’s a major benefactor for the O.U., the runners have a choice to make.


  1. ADA Dana Oaks got Jack Turner, now she wants the Finnegan Family enforcer “Junior”.
    Mcalister hired them instead.
    8,000 ea for 2 weeks + 15,000 bounty
  2. “Junior” is very secretive. Knight Errant doesn't know his real ID.
  3. The undercover cop getting close was found dead.
  4. Murphy’s Massacre legwork to find out that both of Junior's hangouts touch O.U. and owned by Johnny Torinni.
  5. Defying Gravity in O.U., Johnny Torinni offers to help runners for a favor.

Scene 1: Meet the Law

Reno’s bar and grill - Battery Street & Fourth Avenue

  • features combat biker memorabilia and
  • serves a mix of Sioux, Pueblo, and Aztec-Mex cuisine at reasonable prices.
  • Owner Reno Pyatt is a former combat biker.

Get hired by ADA Dana Oaks & Det. Tosh.

  • 8,000¥ per runner.

Scene 2: Meet the Press

Athena Tatopoulos -- Human, Con.4 -- A recluse who runs KSAF solely from the Matrix.

Scene 3: Into the Lion’s Den

  1. basement of a small business named Mike’s Deli.
    Now Thursday, Mooks due back Monday.
  2. blasted out warehouse
  3. rundown brownstone apartment near the waterfront. A row of large motorcycles are parked off to one side, and two large trolls are sitting on the stoop watching traffic go by.

Scene 4: Murphy’s Massacre

  1. bar called Murphy’s Law

Scene 5: Defying Gravity

Scene 6: Meeting Mr. Torinni

Torinni is a businessman who owns and operates numerous businesses in the Ork Underground, as well as a construction business Topside. He’s very philanthropic, donating a lot of money to help improve the Underground, and he’s been a major supporter of the reconstruction efforts since the fire that destroyed a large portion of the Tourist Highway.

Scene 7: Errand Boys & Girls

Torinni side jobs:

  • escorting a shipment of building supplies down to the Tourist Highway,
  • distributing food to a group of ork squatters, and finally
  • defending group of small businesses in Goblin Market from group of Bot’Kham who're extorting them.

Bot’Kham ?

Spellcasting + Magic [Force] against either Body (for physical spells) or Willpower (for mana spells). The target does not get to resist the damage, only the Spellcasting test.

Spellcasting + Magic [Force] versus the target’s Reaction + Intuition

Chaotic World (Realistic, Multi-Sense, Area)
Type: P Range: LOS (A)
Duration: S Drain: F These spells produce a storm of conflicting sensations and images to confuse the senses. For each net hit on the Spellcasting Test, the target suffers a –1 dice pool modifier to all tests due to the distraction.

Confusion affects a single target.

Mass Confusion is an area spell. The Chaos spell is a physical version of Confusion (above), so it also affects technological systems and sensing devices. Chaotic World is an area version of Chaos.

Scene 8: Meeting Junior

Once the runners have done these missions, Torinni will admit to the runners that he is also Junior. He’s been using his criminal activities to fund his businesses and philanthropy in the Underground. He doesn’t believe that taking advantage of Topsiders is wrong, as they’ve done their best to keep his people and his “city” downtrodden for decades. He pleads his case, pointing out the good he does for the Ork Underground, and offers to pay the runners even more than they were getting from Oaks to leave him be.

Scene 9: Aftermath

Picking Up the Pieces


Detective Theodore “Tosh” Athack -- Troll, Con.2 -- Knight Errant officer with Seattle’s Special Crimes Task Force.
ADA Dana Oaks -- Human, Con.4 --
Tatopoulos -- Human, Con.4 -- A recluse who runs KSAF solely from the Matrix.
Martin -- Human, Con.3 -- Trid news anchor all the others wish they could look like.
-- Ork hacker, Con.1 -- Parents were chipheads unable to deal with live in the Underground.
“Junior” Torinni -- Ork -- Rare Ork underground success story.
Ciphine (ork) Lori
Ork Underground (7)
Ork Underground (L3)
Cpt. Jack Turner -- charming thief/rogue/scoundrel -- Capt. of The Fortune Hunter, Pirate’s Cove, Ork Underground
Laurent Nazaire -- Haitian dwarf -- French-Quebecois accent -- Atlantean Foundation Seattle President
MacCallister -- Ork Fixer -- former decker
Moreau -- Draco. Foundation Fixer-- former company man --
Morel Stone –


  • Scene 0: Walk All Over You
  • Scene 1: Rock ‘N Roll Singer
  • Scene 2: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Scene 3: Money Talks
  • Scene 4: Night Prowler
  • Scene 5: Ruff Stuff
  • Scene 6: Guns For Hire
  • Scene 7: Shake A Leg -- Find Pirate’s Cove
  • Scene 8: Kicked In The Teeth -- In Pirate’s Cove
  • Scene 9: Money Made
8 karma
5000 Y each
+1 ORC
+1 AF
Street Cred


Ciphine (ork) Lori
Ork Underground (7)
Ork Underground (L3)
Cpt. Jack Turner -- charming thief/rogue/scoundrel -- Capt. of The Fortune Hunter, Pirate’s Cove, Ork Underground
Det. Tosh Athack -- Troll -- Knight Errant --
ADA Dana Oaks -- Human --
Laurent Nazaire -- Haitian dwarf -- French-Quebecois accent -- Atlantean Foundation Seattle President
MacCallister -- Ork Fixer -- former decker
Moreau -- Draco. Foundation Fixer-- former company man --
Morel Stone –

Charged Ward (p.19)

Unlike a regular ward, charged wards will fi ght back when attacked in astral combat. When struck in astral combat, the astral form must resist the ward’s Force in Stun damage. This damage is resisted with Body (if the attacker is dual natured) or Willpower (if the attacker is in astral form). Charged wards also reflect spells targeted at them. If the ward successfully resists the spell with its Force, it reflects the spell back at the caster at half the spell’s original Force (round up). Net hits on the Spell Resistance Test are treated as net hits on the reflected spell’s Spellcasting Test.


Charged wards behave like an electric fence; they strike back against intruders or astral attackers. Charged wards respond to astral attacks by discharging mana energy, much like a successful direct combat spell. It deals stun damage with a Damage Value equal to the force of the ward. If the ward is attacked with spells, theCharged Ward can reflect the spell back onto the caster at half the original spell force (round up) if it successfully resists the attack (Force 1 spells are not reflected).Net hits from the resistance becomes the hits in the reflected spell’s Spellcasting Test, limited by the Force ofthe spell. A Charged Ward may be “pressed through” like a standard ward (see p. 297, SR5), but if the ward wins the Opposed Test, the intruder must resist the ward’s Force + net hits in Stun damage as if attacked by a direct combat spell. A Charged Ward is difficult to distinguish from a basic ward. It takes a Assensing + Intuition[Astral](3) Test to spot the difference. Requires Reflection (p. 151)


Reflection is an advanced understanding of shielding metamagic, allowing the magician to turn a defensive ability into an offensive action. If an astrally perceiving magician sees that he or those he’s protecting with spell defense are the target of a spell (and note that astral perception is a necessity, not just the knowledge that a spell is being cast), he can access three additional Interrupt Actions that can protect the group instead of using spell defense dice (p. 294, SR5). With each Interrupt Action, the magician uses up 1 die from the spell defense dice pool. If no more defensive dice remain, then the Interrupt Action cannot be taken. The three actions possible are: Reflect Spell, Deflect spell, and Greater Reflection. Prerequisite: Shielding

4: Night Prowler (p.12)

Clues in her apartment give them the name of the Smuggler, Jack Turner, and after asking around a bit they can find out he works out of the Ork Underground.

5: Ruff Stuff (p.13)

The runners have a name and a possible location: Jack Turner in the Underground. Unfortunately as soon as they enter the Underground, they end up in a three way fight between the Skraacha, the Reality Hackers, and Knight Errant. The runners are more than likely detained by Knight Errant, which can give them their third job for the day.