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''{{abbr|wald|woodland}}{{abbr|einsamkeit|solitude}}'': (German, “woodland solitude”)
''{{abbr|Wald|woodland (sounds a bit like ''wild'' but in one-syllable)}}{{abbr|einsamkeit|solitude (sounds like ''ine-zam-kite'')}}'': (German, “woodland solitude”) [ˈvaltʔaɪ̯nzaːmkaɪ̯t]
* <span style="font-family:serif;">WaldEinsamkeit • WaldƐinsamkeit • WaldЄinsamkeit • Wald𐌴insamkeit ''WaldEinsamkeit • WaldƐinsamkeit • WaldЄinsamkeit • Wald𐌴insamkeit''</span>
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RSMccYQpuM Waldeinsamkeit - Relax Like A German] <small>(2017 Feb 12)</small> Counselling & words
: <span style="font-family:serif;">Ɛ (Latin Epsilon), Є (Ukrainian Ye), Ԑ (Cyrillic Reversed Ze), Ⲉ (Coptic eie), 𐌴 (Gothic eyz)</span>
* <span style="font-family:serif;">Waldeinsamkeit • WaldEinsamkeit • WaldƐinsamkeit • WaldЄinsamkeit • Wald𐌴insamkeit<br>''Waldeinsamkeit • WaldEinsamkeit • WaldƐinsamkeit • WaldЄinsamkeit • Wald𐌴insamkeit''</span>
: <span style="font-family:serif;">''Ɛ (Latin Epsilon), Є (Ukrainian Ye), Ԑ (Cyrillic Reversed Ze), Ⲉ (Coptic eie), 𐌴 (Gothic eyz)''</span>
: <span style="font-family:serif;">Ɛ (Latin Epsilon), Є (Ukrainian Ye), Ⲉ (Coptic eie), 𐌴 (Gothic eyz)</span>
: <span style="font-family:serif;">''Ɛ (Latin Epsilon), Є (Ukrainian Ye), Ⲉ (Coptic eie), 𐌴 (Gothic eyz)''</span>

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exemplī grātiā (latin) “for example” (used to list one or more examples)
id est (latin) “that is, in other words” (used to explain, clarify or rephrase)
(conjunctive) As a result, from this cause. (where)
(conjunctive) As a result, for this reason. (why)
(conjunctive) As a result, in this way. (how)


tray table, dark green
utility cart (black, dark blue, or beige)


To feel ashamed about something someone else has done; to be embarrassed because someone else has embarrassed themselves (and doesn’t notice)

jebel akhdar

  • Al Jebel Al Akhdar (الجبل الأخضر “the Green Mountain”)
  • (الجبل الخضراء “the Green Mountains”)


(Japanese) The art of repairing pottery, with gold or silver joining the pieces, and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.


(Sámi, old norse) A bushcraft fire made from two large long logs, one atop the other, with a careful air-gap. It will burn long enough to get a nights sleep. Known in Finnish as a rakovalkea gap fire.

nodia/nodja (Finno-Ugric) —Нодья
nying (modern norse) a fire of two pine logs laid on each other, with kindling between. When ignited, it begins with charcoal and glow in the logs, and a mild, even heat spreads from them. Nyingen were used mostly by forest-workers, hunters and timber-floaters, who had to spend the night under the open sky.
nying in the Nordisk familjebok (Nordic Family-book, 2nd Edition, 1914)
nuorssjo (Swedish), den bästa stockelden (“the best logfire”)
—Ryd, Yngve (2005) Eld: Flammor och glöd – samisk eldkonst (Swedish, “Fire: Flames and glow – sami firework”) ISBN 978-9127107502
—Kirtley, Paul (2018) Sámi Nuorssjo: the Best Log Fire
rakovalkea (Finnish, lit. “gap-fire”)
—Aitchison, George (2014) How To…. Build a Finnish Rakovalkea Gap Fire
—Perkunas (2011) Rakovalkea, a gapfire or maybe a longfire.
nudher (old Swedish, lit. “wood dock”)


Due to the degree of axial tilt, Earth’s Northern Hemisphere spring and summer are ≈3¾ days longer than winter and fall. Hence, northern-centric calendars tend to cluster longer months in spring and summer (e.g. February and July/Aug.).


Joyful feelings derived from observing someone else’s misfortune.

Strictly speaking, schadenfreude is malicious or narcissistic, and so not quite the same as:

  • “just deserts” (i.e. justice deserved) – misfortune perceived as deserved due to past behavior.
  • “poetic justice” – the fact that someone has received their just deserts.


A “retained but no longer functional stylistic feature.” from skeuos (σκεῦος), meaning ‘container or tool’, and morphḗ (μορφή), meaning ‘shape’.


(Japanese, ) Buying books to read someday.


Simply “the woods” in American English. A forest open enough for sunlight to reach the ground, allowing undergrowth. The wildlife is also less threatening than in darker, more primeval, forests.


(Japanese, 漏れ) tree filtered sunlight.


(Japanese, woodland bathing”) A type of nature therapy.

waldbaden: (German, “woodland bathing”)


Waldeinsamkeit: (German, “woodland solitude”) [ˈvaltʔaɪ̯nzaːmkaɪ̯t]

  • Waldeinsamkeit - Relax Like A German (2017 Feb 12) Counselling & words
  • Waldeinsamkeit • WaldEinsamkeit • WaldƐinsamkeit • WaldЄinsamkeit • Wald𐌴insamkeit
    Waldeinsamkeit • WaldEinsamkeit • WaldƐinsamkeit • WaldЄinsamkeit • Wald𐌴insamkeit
Ɛ (Latin Epsilon), Є (Ukrainian Ye), Ⲉ (Coptic eie), 𐌴 (Gothic eyz)
Ɛ (Latin Epsilon), Є (Ukrainian Ye), Ⲉ (Coptic eie), 𐌴 (Gothic eyz)