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Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition)

d20 Modern (5E)

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Saltmarsh in Faerûn


No map has all of these, but they are all official.

  • The Long Road (see Dessarin Valley map)
    • Xantharl's Keep (where the Crags meet Lurewood)
    • Morgur’s Mound (in the souther end of "The Crags" which are west of the Road and north of Neverwinter Wood) – an Uthgardt burial mound of the Thunderbeast tribe.
    • River Morgur (flows south from near Morgur’s Mound into Neverwinter River)
    • Longsaddle (town? on the Long Road, due east of Mount Hotenow)
    • Tower of Twilight – a days ride west of Longsaddle.
    • Berun’s Hill (in the Starmetal Hills)
    • Berun’s River (flows west from near Berun’s Hill into Neverwinter River)
    • Triboar (village) – Road east to Yartar (city), "Triboar Trail" west to Conyberry (village).
    • Black Maw Bog (west of the Dessarin Hills, crossed by a bridge)
    • Helvenblade House (west of the Road where the Sword Mts. meet Kryptgarden Forest)
    • Westbridge (village east of Kryptgarden Forest) – "The Stone Trail" east to "The Stone Bridge".
    • Sumber Hills (east of The Long Road) – many adventure sites (see Dessarin Valley map).
    • Red Larch (village) – "Kheldell Path" west to Kheldell (village), "Larch Path" trail northeast to "The Stone Bridge", "Cairn Road" trail southeast to "Bargewrite Inn" (village) and then Womford (village) across the "Ironford".
    • Amphail (village) – (Goldenfields is due east on the River Dessarin).
    • Rassalantar (hamlet)
    • Waterdeep
  • Triboar Trail (see Swoard Coast maps)
    • Butterskull Ranch (large farm just north of the trail, and ~5 miles east of Conyberry (village).
    • Cornyberry (village)
    • Phandalin (village) – south of the Triboar trail.
    • Crossroad Keep (c. 1374, at the intersection of the High Road and Triboar Trail)
    • Highcliff (c. 1374, village west of Phandalin, on the coast at the western end of Triboar Trail.)
      • Highcliff Castle (ruins)
  • The North Road
    • Luskan
    • Port Llast (town) – ~35 miles noth of Neverwinter, at the North Road and "East Road" trail intersection.
    • Neverwinter
  • The High Road
    • Neverwinter
    • Thundertree (town?) – ~25 miles east of Neverwinter on the Neverwinter River.
    • Helm’s Hold (town?) – ~20 miles southwest of Neverwinter, with a trail to The High Road.
    • Crossroad Keep (c. 1374, at the intersection of the High Road and Triboar Trail)
    • Leilon (on the Road at the northern end of the Mere of Dead Men) – Destroyed in 1385, rebuilt c. 1485 (between 4E & 5E) with allegiance to Neverwinter.
      • Saltmarsh (village on the coast at the northern end of the Mere of Dead Men)
    • Mere of Dead Men
      • Castle Naerytar (flooded ruins halfway between coast and Road, see Dungeon #72)
      • Carnath Roadhouse (on eastern edge of the Mere, ~15 miles from Castle Naerytar)
      • Holk House (flooded ruins 1/3 of the way to the coast from Road, see Dungeon #71)
      • Iniarv’s Tower (ruins on eastern edge of the Mere, see Dungeon #69 & #73)
      • Uthtower (flooded ruins on the coast, almost 60 miles due west of Iniarv's Tower, see Dungeon #73)
      • Mornhaven Towers (flooded ruins near the coast, see Dungeon #70)
      • Wolfhill House (flooded ruins halfway between coast and Road, see Dungeon #69)
      • Fort Locke (c. 1374, garrison at the southern end of the Mere, north of West Harbor)
      • Weeping Willow Inn (c. 1374, near the High Road, between West Harbour and Forte Locke)
      • West Harbor (c. 1374, village on the coast inside the southern end of the Mere, and near the Illefarn ruins)
    • Thornhold (at the southern end of the Mere)
    • Mount Sar (peak east of the road)
    • Mount Helimbrar (peak east of the road)
    • Waterdeep
  • Goldenfields (Abby with walled farmland, on the west bank of the River Dessarin, due east of Amphail, south of Ironford, and north of "The Stump Bog" & the Sarcrag) – The Northfurrow trail goes south to Waterdeep.
  • Sharandar – ancient elven keep lost within Neverwinter Wood near village of Conyberry.
  • Edals Creek –
  • Xinlenal –
  • Dread Ring –

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2014-07-09 Legacy of the Crystal Shard Sundering II (D&D Next)
2014-07-15 Starter Set • “Lost Mine of Phandelver”
2014-08-19 Core booksPHBDMGMM
2014-08-19 DM’s Screen, Tyranny of Dragons (GF9)
2014-08-19 TD Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Kobold Press)
2014-11-04 TD the Rise of Tiamat (Kobold Press)
2015-01-20 DM’s Screen(core)
2015-04-07 DM’s Screen, Elemental Evil (GF9)
2015-04-07 EE Princes of the Apocalypse (Sasquatch)
2015-04-16 EE Player’s Companion
2015-04 Character Token Set (GF9)
2015-06 BS New d20 Modernᴜᴀ Modern Magic
2015-09-15 DM’s Screen, Rage of Demons (GF9)
2015-09-15 RD Out of the Abyss (Green Ronin)
2015-11-03 Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
2016-04 Plane Shift: Zendikar (MtG)
2016-03-15 Curse of Strahd
2016-03-15 DM’s Screen, Curse of Strahd (GF9)
2016-04-01 Tarokka Deck, Curse of Strahd (GF9)
2016-08 Plane Shift: Innistrad (MtG)
2016-09-06 Storm King’s Thunder
2016-09-06 DM’s Screen, Storm King’s Thunder (GF9)
2016-11-15 Volo’s Guide to Monsters
2017-02 Plane Shift: Kaladesh (MtG)
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2017-04 UA Starter Spells
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2018-07 Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberronᴜᴀ Races of Eberron
2018-08-21 D&D Adventures Outlined
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2018-11-10 Lost Laboratory of Kwalish (Adventure, Extra Life)
2018-11-20 Core Rules Gift Set (Limited Edition)
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2019-10-22 Tyranny of Dragons (Adventure, Tyranny of Dragons col.)
2019-11-01 Beadle and Grimm’s Platinum Edition (Adventure, Waterdeep Acc.)
2019-11-12 Adventure with Muk (Extra Life Activity Book)
2019-11-12 Infernal Machine Rebuild (Adventure, Extra Life, levels 5–10)
2019-11-19 D&D vs. Rick and Morty (Adventure)
2019-11-19 Eberron: Rising from the Last War (Campaign Setting)
2019-12-12 D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set (Dice Collector’s Limited Edition)
2020-02-14 Monster Madness (Dungeon Mayhem Expansion)


: 2016-11 Tome of Beasts (Kobold Press)
: 2017-09 OAR-1 Into the BorderlandsFEF-14 Beneath the Keep (Goodman Games)
Vt: GF9-72720 Dungeon Master’s Keep: Ultimate DM’s Screen (2011)GS
: WZK _____ D&D Dungeon of the Mad Mage: Halaster’s Lab premium set
: GF9-73706 D&D Tarokka Deck9
: GF9- D&D DM Screen: Waterdeep Dragon Heist
: GF9- D&D DM Screen: Of Ships and the Sea
: WZK-73952 D&D Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition

5E cards

SKU Item
? GF9-73915 Spellbook Cards: Arcane (v3)
Va GF9-73916 Spellbook Cards: Cleric (v3)
Va GF9-73917 Spellbook Cards: Druid (v3)
Va GF9-73918 Spellbook Cards: Bard (v3)
Va GF9-73919 Spellbook Cards: Paladin (v3)
Va GF9-73920 Spellbook Cards: Ranger (v3)
Va GF9-73921 Spellbook Cards: Martial Powers & Races (v3)
  GF9-73922 Spellbook Cards: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (v1)
NY GF9-73923 Monster Cards: Challenge 0–5
NY GF9-73924 Monster Cards: Challenge 6–16
GF9-73925 Magic Item Cards
  GF9-C7227 Monster Cards: Volo’s Guide to Monsters
  GF9-C7228 Monster Cards: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes
GF9-C7641 Creatures & NPCs Cards (MM & VGtM)
  GF9-C7342 Epic Monster Cards (oversized)
GF9-C____ Legendary Item Cards
  GF9-C____ Legendary Monster Cards (oversized)

Vinyl maps

© SKU Item
2012 GF9-99912 Dungeon w/Grid (gray 30×40 grid, vinyl, 20″×30″)NK
2011 GF9-72750 Dungeon Master’s set (gray/green, vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2010 GF9-72751 Ratfang Sewers (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9
2010 GF9-72752 The King’s Road (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
2010 GF9-72753 Market Square (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9
2010 GF9-72754 Jungle Temple (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2010 GF9-72755 Caves of Chaos (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
  2010 GF9-72756 Inn of the Welcome Wench (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
2010 GF9-72757 Dark Sun Desert (vinyl, 30″×20″)G
  2011 GF9-72758 Merchant’s Bazaar (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9S
2012 GF9-72759 Abandoned Hamlet (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2011 GF9-72760 Red Hall of Vor Rukoth (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9S
? 2011 GF9-72761 Forgotten Realms (4th Ed. Faerûn, vinyl, 42″×30″)GS
Va 2012 GF9-72762 Neverwinter (city, vinyl, 42″×30″)G
Va 2012 GF9-72763 Evernight (city, vinyl, 42″×30″)G
GF9-72764 ______ (vinyl)
Va 2011 GF9-72765 Khorvaire, the Continent of (vinyl, 42″×30″)G
GF9-72766 ______ (vinyl)
2010 GF9-72767 Dark Sun (world, vinyl, 42″×30″)G
Va 2010 GF9-72768 City of Tyr (vinyl, 42″×30″)G
GF9-72769 ______ (vinyl)
2011 GF9-72770 Sanctuary of Fate (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2011 GF9-72771 Evermelt (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2012 GF9-72772 Frozen Wilderness (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
GF9-72773 Desert of Desolation (vinyl)
GF9-72774 Fallen Fortress (vinyl)
GF9-72775 King’s Gate (vinyl)
GF9-72776 Thieves’ Quarters (vinyl)
GF9-72777 Temple of Fire (vinyl)
2013 GF9-72778 Fungal Cavern (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
2012 GF9-72779 Drow Sanctum (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2012 GF9-72780 Temple of Lolth (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9S
2012 GF9-72801 Caverns of the Underdark (vinyl, 20″×30″)G9S
2012 GF9-72802 Caverns of the Underdark: 3D Adventure Set
2013 GF9-72782 Draconic Monastery (vinyl, 30″×20″)G9
2017 GF9-72783 Tomb of Annihilation set (vinyl, 18″×24″, 12″×16″ ×3)G9F
GF9-72784 Elemental Node of Fire (vinyl)
GF9-72785 Elemental Node of Earth (vinyl)
GF9-72786 Elemental Node of Water (vinyl)
GF9-72787 Elemental Node of Air (vinyl)
? 2018 GF9-72788 Waterdeep set (seven wards, vinyl)GFMMP
GF9-72789 Dungeon of the Mad Mage set (vinyl)
  2018 GF9-72790 Waterdeep (city, vinyl, 20″×40″)GFAMMPNK
  2019 GF9-72791 Faerûn (Sword Coast, vinyl, 32″×27″)GFAMMNK
? 2020 GF9-72792 Descent into Avernus: Baldur’s Gate (vinyl, 23″×15″)MMPHD
2020 GF9-72793 Descent into Avernus: Avernus (vinyl, 23″×17″)MMPHD

Character Folios

I SKU D UPC ID web ID № Title N
Va #86512 2015 0-74427-86512-2 ᴜᴘ3668 AW5084 D&D “Demogorgon”
Va #85276 2017 0-74427-85276-4 ᴜᴘ5043 AW7708 D&D “Giant Killer” (AC)
Va #85277 2017 0-74427-85277-1 ᴜᴘ5045 AW7709 D&D “Tavern Brawl” (RS)
#85278 2017 0-74427-85278-8 ᴜᴘ5047 AW7710 D&D “Drow Attack” (OoP)
Va #85279 2017 0-74427-85279-5 ᴜᴘ5049 AW7711 D&D “Dungeon Crawl” (JO)
Va #85305 2017 0-74427-85305-1 ᴜᴘ5051 AW7779 D&D “Wizard” (JS)
#86715 2017 0-74427-86715-7 ᴜᴘ5673 AW____ D&D “Drizzt”
Va #86716 2017 0-74427-86716-4 ᴜᴘ5676 AW9035 D&D “Papazotl’s Tomb” (MB)
#86717 2018 0-74427-86717-1 ᴜᴘ5677 AW____ D&D “Tomb of Annihilation”
  #85835 2018 0-74427-85835-3 ᴜᴘ7109 AW____ Pathfinder Playtest
  #18037 2019 0-74427-18037-9 ᴜᴘ7673 AW____ D&D “Mad Mage”
  #18038 2019 0-74427-18038-6 ᴜᴘ7689 AW____ D&D “Shadow Dragon” (MB)
#85957 2019 0-74427-85957-2 ᴜᴘ7984 AW____ Starfinder
  #15292 2019 0-74427-15292-5 ᴜᴘ8623 AW____ Pathfinder Second Edition



Oeridian hero-god of defenses and fortifications.
Oerth goddess of forests, woodlands, flora, fauna, and fertility. Known to elves as “Ehlenestra”. Analogous to the Faerûnian and Finnish Mielikki
Oerth hero-god of bards and musicians.
an elder evil aka the Dark Hunger.


— ☾
Aganazzar – from Faerûn
Elminster ☾ – from Faerûn (Ed Greenwood)
Maximilian – otherwise unknown.
Snilloc – from Faerûn (Dave Collins, from Jeff Grubb’s pre-FR Toril)


last planer layer of Tarterus.
a city turned into a demiplane of undead by Orcus.
a town large enough to support a cathedral.
a village large enough to support a regional marketplace.
a community large enough to support a church.
King	Emperor	Emperor	Empire	
	King	King	Kingdom	
	Prince	Prince	Principality	
Earl	Duke	Duke	Duchy	
		Marquis	Border County	Sheriff
	Count	Count	Shire/County	
Baron	Baron	Baron	Barony		Bailiff
	Knight	Baronet		
	cathedral	City	
	fortified	Borough	
	market		Town		Constable
	church		Village	


6-seconds of time during combat.
a combatants turn to act during a round of combat.


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